About Texian Market Days

Texian Market Days is a family-friendly living history festival that features interactive activities, Civil War camps and battle re-enactments, historic home tours, archeological digs, food and live entertainment. Held annually on the fourth weekend in October, Texian Market Days offers families an affordable and educational weekend immersed in Texas history. The festival is a community event put on by the Fort Bend County Museum Association and held on the grounds of the 480-acre George Ranch Historical Park. The Park is divided into four clearly-defined historical sites (1830s, 1860s, 1890s and 1930s); The set-up for Texian Market Days loosely follows these years.

1830s Jones Stock Farm

Early settler life takes place at the 1830s Jones Stock Farm site. Activities include pioneer food demonstrations (including cornbread, cobblers and stews), pioneer activities (like making cornhusk dolls and grinding corn), Texas Revolution battle skirmishes and learning about farm animals (pigs, chickens and oxen are all kept on site). Tours of the replica dog-trot cabin are given all day by members of the "Jones family."

1860s Ryon Prairie Home

Visitors learn all about life in post-Civil War Texas at the 1860s Ryon Prairie Home site. Activities include Confederate and Union soldier camps, a Civil War battle re-enactment, historic food tasting, prairie home tours and interactive one-room schoolhouse programs.

1890s Davis Victorian Mansion

The waning days of the 19th century are the focus at the 1890s Davis Victorian Mansion site. Visitors get to tour the grandiose Davis mansion (an original structure), watch live blacksmithing demonstrations, walk through the family cemetery, enjoy live music, learn to make calling cards, write with nib pens and enjoy food from many vendors stationed on the site's outskirts. The 1890s Sharecropper Farm is part of the Davis complex, and portrays life as a freed slave during the Victorian era. The chuckwagon camp is also set up with food samples hot off the open fire. Several entertainment shows are performed in the 1890s oak grove.

1930s George Cattle Complex

Guests can participate in a real archeological dig around the George family home (original structure), take tours of the house, watch cowboys give cattle roping and dipping vat demonstrations, and browse the selection of vendors' craft and food items.